ILNP public release 1

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ILNP software version: ilnp-public-1

06 September 2019

The first ILNP software release

This repository contains experimental software implementing a prototype of the Identifier Locator Network Protocol (ILNP). The main web site for ILNP is at

The intention of this software release is to support the results published in the following academic papers:

The code here is an up-to-date version of the codebase used in the experiments documented in those papers.

This is the codebase that was also used for the work and demonstrations at IETF104/Prague and IETF105/Montreal.

All code contributed by the authors is Copyright (C) Saleem N. Bhatti, Ryo Yanagida, Khawar Shezhad, and Ditchaphong Phoomikiatissak.


If you download the code, I will be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire, please. The whole thing should take only ~5 minutes of your time. If you do not want to fill in all of it, please do give responses just to questions 2b and 2c. The data could be extremely helpful to me when I apply for additional support for further development of ILNP. Thank you!

This is not supported software

Alas and woe, I can not offer any support for this software. It is the output of ongoing work in PhD projects that I have supervised. Please be aware that you use this software at your own risk.

I continue to seek funding for progressing ILNP in various ways. So my intention is to improve and update this sofwtare, but I cannot give any definite timescales and roadmaps at present.


There are two parts to the software:

  1. A modifictaion to glibc (here - ilnp-glibc-1_deb_pkgs.tar.xz) so that names for nodes in /etc/hosts can be mapped to ILNP Identifier-Locator Vector (I-LV) values, and passed up to applications in struct addrinfo via calls to getaddrinfo(3).
  2. Extensions to the Linux kernel v4.9 LTS (here - ilnp-public-1_deb_pkgs.tar.xz) to implement the ILNP functionality.

Both are needed. First, get both .deb package tar balls linked above. Install all .deb files, e.g. dpkg -i *.deb. Reboot, and then configure using the instructions in README-ilnp_configure.

Source github repositories: glibc patch - and kernel -

Thank you

My thanks to you for your interest in ILNP! I hope you enjoy trying it out.

Saleem Bhatti, ILNP Project Lead, ilnp-admin at